The artistic process and the importance of creativity

When you are an artist, creativity is one of the most important traits that you can possess. The ability to think outside the box and do something unique is what makes you stand out from others and get noticed for your talents. For those who love to be creative, the artistic process tends to follow on from a moment of inspiration and continue through an outpouring of talent until you, as the artist, are happy with the finished product.

The moment of inspiration can come at any time. It can strike you like a bolt of lightening when you are washing the dishes or playing a game of Partypoker. The point is that you will often find inspiration when you least expect it and the important thing is to be ready for it. The minute you feel inspired to create something new, if you can drop whatever else you are doing, then do that. Head to your artistic area and get painting, drawing or however else you create your artwork,

The process of creating a spectacular piece of art can vary from lengthy to surprisingly fast, depending on what you are creating and how you are doing it. Aside from creativity, another important attribute to have is patience, as this will come in handy when you are creating something that requires hours of meticulous work. Always have a vision of the finished article in mind and do not give up on it. The feeling once you have created something that you are really proud of is definitely worth all of the hard work that you have put into it. Also, the actual process of creating the artwork can be very enjoyable in itself, so you should remember to pay attention to this all the time and make the most of it.