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In The Spirit of Authenticity and Depth

Contemporary Talks is an internationally recognized arts publication. Our passion is organic in-depth interviews and dynamic content – all to inspire and encourage our readers in their own pursuits and to entertain aware minds. We search to understand each artists’ individual language, impulse and momentum and to present it to our audience across economic, cultural and ideological borders. Our editorial is mysterious, yet exoteric, and not for the faint-hearted.

Our first digital publication – Issue #111 (July 2012)

From London, to Berlin, Israel, America and back again we are delivering some radical, heart-breaking, eye-opening and entertaining content. Read about these bold artists journey from idea to finished project, about the challenges along their paths and how they overcome everything that posed a threat to the completion of the exhibition, the album or the movie.

Behind that name of the artist and its product lie a lifetime of experiences and a charismatic persona deep in the bewildering forest of artistic expression. We enter that place, over and over again, and we come out with something truly fantastic, in images and in words.

Please enjoy Issue #111, free from advertisement and full of human experience.

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Established in September 2011, London-based Contemporary Talks is devoted to

[A] conduct interviews and conversations with artists, whose work entices the mind to activate some unused neurons; filling gaps that the main cascade couldn’t cross. The focus is set on the articulation and documentation of the momentum of these artists and their journey from idea to manifestation, regardless of whether the artists are well-established, emerging or previously entirely unknown.

[B] build an online presence for collaborative productions and publications, both online and offline. Always a work in progress, experimental approach…. Conversation is organic.