Art quote:: The track came in a dream

On the creation of track Where the Beats Say They’re Sorry

“I remember I had a dream and this guy actually said, “This is where the beats say they’re sorry” and there was this beat playing that kinda sounded like it was talking, like it would start and stop. I tried to get that into the track when making it. All of the tracks on Cloud Rat were recorded quickly. Most Doc Deem is about just waiting and waiting until a good day and then I sit and knock it out. I’m like a surfer. The tide has to be right, I wait for the waves. Then when it’s good, I get on my board and get as much surfing in and then go home.

I like it to be spontaneous and explode my guts all over the track, and then just walk away from the wreckage like nothing happened. Feeling real cool about it, like this is it; time to surf.”

Doc Deem on the creation of Cloud Rat. Excerpt from upcoming interview, stay tuned.